Find Food and Drink with this Low Carb Nutrition Database App - Perfect for LCHF or other Low Carb Diets

Are you using the LCHF method or going on another low carb diet?

The Max 5% Carbs App makes it easy to find food and drinks with low carbohydrate content. You can search among over 2000 nutrients in a complete nutrition database and easily filter out results with more than five percent carbohydrates. Nutrition facts such as carbohydrates, fat, protein and energy (calories) are available for all nutrients.

Download the app for free today and get in shape with a low carb diet.

Key Features

  • Nutrition Database with over 2000 Nutrients
  • Filter out Nutrients with more than 5% Carbohydrates
  • Detailed Nutrition Facts Including Carbohydrates, Fat, Protein and Energy (Calories)